Friday, November 12, 2055


Hi! I'm Molly Patton, a writer and artist from Portland, Oregon.

I have written/published two books:

Caitlin the Magnificent (Caitlin Bradley #1) (2020) is a novel for kids ages 6-10. For more information and to find out how to purchase it, click here!

Just South Of Normal (2010) is a YA novel and is aimed at readers 12 and up. To find out more, or to learn how to get your own copy, click here!

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My main blog is Gen Y-er On The Loose, at Topics include: life, books, travel, vintage magazines, movies, humor, LEGO builds, and lots more! I've been running this for over a decade, so there's a lot to see there.

If "old stuff from the past" is more your thing, check out Yoretown, at Old yearbooks, found journals, vintage photos, creepy antiques... if it's old and slightly dusty, it's probably there.

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@molly_patton is the handle you can follow to get updates whenever one of the blogs above is updated. 

@MoMakesStuffUp is my Twitter handle for all things LEGO.

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I've had an etsy shop since 2015. "Vintage treasures & fun for the whole family" is the tagline, and that's what I try to offer! 

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@yoretown is my primary account, and I post a lot of different images... some color, some vintage, some odd.

@MoMakesStuffUp is my dedicated LEGO-related account.

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Keep informed on all my latest writing-related news on my FB group... here! (If that link doesn't work, search for "Molly Patton Writes Books & Stuff" on Facebook.)

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Molly Makes Stuff Up is my LEGO vlog -- set reviews, build show-offs, how-to's and more.

MylaEllison is where you'll find most of my old Sims videos, including my 2007-2011 web series, Ella, More Or Less.

Alligator Juice is a channel where I used to post old commercials and TV things. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to it, but there's some fun stuff to be seen there.

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OTHER THINGS -- Vintage photos that I have bought or found... digitized and posted for your amusement.

I have two Flickr accounts for LEGO photos. This is the link to the old one (no longer updated) and here is the link to the newer one!

Anne Of Green Brick Gables - The classic story... but illustrated with LEGO!

Playing Around Portland - A personal photography project in which I take abstract photos at (mostly) local playgrounds.

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NEW FOR 2021-22

I've had the privilege of guesting on the Christmas-themed podcast Advent Calendar House, hosted by Mike Westfall, twice in the past year....

Raggedy Ann and Andy In The Great Santa Claus Caper (1978). Yes, the special is exactly as bonkers as its title suggests, and we lovingly tear it to bits. Podcast episode released 12/14/21. Hosted by Mike Westfall. Also guesting: Adam Pope.

Family Ties: A Keaton Christmas Carol (1983). One of those Family Ties episodes I saw as a kid and my brain never totally forgot. Plenty of BTTF references, even though it came out 2 years before BTTF? Podcast episode released 7/3/22. Hosted by Mike Westfall. Also guesting: Joey O.

I recently contributed two articles to BrickNerd, a LEGO blog -- one about about finding cheap LEGO in the wild, and the other about the history of LEGO horses.


  1. Hey! A couple of your Ella More or Less episodes have been blocked on YouTube. I wanted to show the series in it's entirety to my husband, we got married about six months ago and I'm showing him all the Sim series I watched when I was younger. I used to access them on Alligator Juice, but since you took that down, would there be something other way to access them? Thanks.


  2. Most of them can be found here: