Friday, November 10, 2017

Extras Projects


Though I have not even attempted to make a career of it, I enjoy acting. I got the TV bug when I was 7 and, like many other Portland/Vancouver children, I appeared on Portland's local kids' show, Ramblin' Rod. 

When I was 11, my brother and I got to be on screen with Dom DeLuise and some other children during a segment for Candid Camera. That episode aired in 1992.

(Front row, second from Dom's left)

I joined a local Extras company in 2000, which has led me to several interesting projects. My first gig was a print ad for Sony, in which I joined a crowd of fellow faux football fans. In 2006, I was hired for the movie Feast Of Love, starring Greg Kinnear and Morgan Freeman. 

I worked for three days on those scenes, and can be seen as a blob in the background for about 2 seconds. Feast Of Love was released in September, 2007.

In April of 2008, I got to be an extra in the movie Twilight, based on the best-selling novel by Stephenie Meyer. Twilight was released in November, 2008. Look for me my car in the "Port Angeles" (actually: St. Helens, OR) scenes.

In May of 2010 I spent a day working on a project that would become A Walk In My Shoes, a TV movie for NBC. It aired December 3, 2010, and I'm happy to say I'm actually not a pixely blob in this one -- I'm recognizable! Too bad the movie's nothing to write home about. Still, I got to see Nancy Travis and meet several interesting people, so it was a good time.

(I'm behind the guy with the orange shirt)

In 2011 I was in the crowd for an episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. The episode aired in the summer of 2012.

In 2013 I was a extra/driver in the Grimm episode "Nameless," which was filmed in and outside of the Lotus Cafe in SW Portland. In 2014 I was a "perp" in the episode "Dyin' On A Prayer" (I didn't make the final cut), which was filmed on set in NW Portland. In 2015 they used my car in the episode "Headache". I got to stay in extras' holding & read a book -- sweet gig! My car can be seen toward the end of the episode.

(My car's on the left, just in front of the silver one. That white building was the cafe/extras holding.)

Although I had no intention of it being so, I can be seen in Beyond The Brick: A LEGO Documentary (2014) during some of the Master Build scenes.

In the summer of 2015 I worked on TNT's The Librarians, in what turned out to be the first two episodes of the second season. I can be seen in the first episode, during the "museum party" scenes, which were filmed at the Portland Art Museum.

(Olive cardigan and schoolmarm bun; center)

In December of 2015 I played a wrestling-fan-in-a-crowd in the Grimm episode "Silence Of The Slams," which aired in early 2016.

Alas, Grimm has gone off the air, and I have let my membership with the extras company lapse... for now. But who knows...?

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