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Caitlin The Magnificent (a Kids Novel)

Meet Caitlin Bradley. She's a little sister, a big sister, and a twin. She's also a feisty third grader with a big imagination! Whether she's trying to win the school reading contest, attempting to become Student of the Month, or agreeing to be a junior bridesmaid in her big sister's wedding, Caitlin will have plenty of opportunities this year to do what she does best - shine!

About Caitlin

Name: Caitlin Marey Bradley

Age: 8½

Siblings: Ella, Oliver and Emmie

Pets: One cat, Cocoa

Likes: Reading, playing pretend, being the center of attention.

Dislikes: Chores, school fundraisers, being ignored.

Favorite Foods: Chocolate cake and brownies, hamburgers, chips, and watermelon.

Caitlin & Oliver

Caitlin and Oliver are twins, but they have different interests and different friends. Both kids like sports, but Caitlin likes baseball and soccer best, while Oliver prefers basketball. Another big difference between the two is that Caitlin loves being the center of attention, and Oliver would rather not be in the spotlight. Sometimes Caitlin feels jealous of Oliver because he has an easier time making new friends.

Come along with Caitlin as she journeys through a crazy, surprising, and sometimes magnificent third grade year!

Caitlin The Magnificent 
Caitlin Bradley #1 

Released May 10, 2020!

Recommended Ages: 6-12

Approximate Reading Level: 3.5

The paperback is now available on Amazon!

Or get a digital copy instead, also on Amazon!

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